Sunday, August 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Latest Photoshoot

 Photographer Todd Duncan Checking out his shots
 Shot from the front of the yacht (Don't mind the beers. We're professionals here! :P)
 John Casablanca's model Ann sitting on the front panel of the yacht
 Me and the Sittings Editor Jose enjoying ourselves (best weather yet of the summer!)
 Doing fittings with John Casablanca's model Charity at my place before the shoot that morning
 More test shots
 John Casablanca's model Stephanie working a Marilyn Monroe look down a stairwell
 Hair touch-up during the bar scene
Stephanie getting ready in her first look yay!

I'm really looking forward to seeing this editorial and getting some great tear sheets. Our whole 13 person creative crew was fantastic and shooting on a 14 million dollar luxury yacht wasn't so bad either :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do it Yourself: Newspaper Nails

Don't judge this DIY project based on my nails. I did this after a few drinks (this project is THAT easy). They can turn out darker and with more clarity when given more attentiveness.

Step 1: Nail Polish. 

I used a base coat from OPI to promote a longer lasting manicure, along with OPI's Alpine Snow, and a top coat from OPI as well. It's just a coincidence my polishes here are all from OPI, because I pledge my allegiance to no one nail polish brand. I.LOVE.THEM.ALL. (except Sally Hansen). 

The top coat goes on after the newspaper print so after you do a couple coats of white hold off on that step.

Step 2: Newspaper. 

Cut out your favorite section of the newspaper. If you're any bit as nutty as me you'll go straight for the horoscopes (why is Mars semi-sextile with Jupiter again this month??! So totally annoying.).

Step 3: Rubbing alcohol. 

This is how to make the magic happen. After your white polish has dried, put a piece of your newspaper (cut  slightly larger than your nails) over a nail. Apply rubbing alcohol over until wet. I use a Q-tip, but anything that will absorb and distribute the rubbing alcohol will work. 

Hold the newspaper very still, and stroke over top fairly hard so it comes off in the same place and darkly. You'll develop some technique after a few nails so don't worry too much about it initially. Make sure to apply the top coat afterwards otherwise the print will come right off.

And voilà Newspaper Nails :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to Black

 Dress: Little Moon by Wilfred
Vest: Community
Necklace: Kenneth Lane
Earrings & Flats: Aldo
Hairband: Lululemon

I took these photos before falling very ill the next day, which included coughing up blood and quarantining myself in my room with Bronchitis. I'm still recovering 3 weeks later bleh! Ironically my last outfit post was made when I was sick as well. Folks I have the immune system of an AIDS baby.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holt Renfrew August Displays

My favorite time of the month is when Holt Renfrew changes their display windows. This month they had a secret agent/spy theme which is just TOO COOL FOR WORDS!!

God bless you John Gerhardt and your amazing creative team. You've made walking to work on Mondays a glorious, glorious thing.