Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simon Upton for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, April 2012

I must insist that you listen to tutti frutti below while you finish looking through the editorial. It will make both you and me happier people, I promise ;)

Harper’s Bazaar Singapore April 2012
Model: Lisa Cant & Darla Bake
Photography: Simon Upton
Styling: Kenneth Goh


Too much fun!!! Oh, if only life could always be this fun! Thank you Simon for making my day a little more bright. 

p.s. was that you who snatched up the last of the Marni jewelry at H&M before I got a chance to even scope the chunky cuffs out? If so, you're totally forgiven!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ashley Olsen: Cozy Chic

(credit olsen obsessive)

Dear Ashley,

How do you do it? You look more comfortable than a high school student roaming the locker bay in pajamas and yet you don't look frumpy or distasteful at all. Au contraire -you look on the cutting edge of fashion. You appear to have invented some sort of relaxed avant-guarde sub genre. I don't understand. I mean, are those Birkenstocks? Please quit defying style logic. You're confusing me and the rest of the world who thought they had this whole fashion thing figured out.


Your lowly online style stalker