Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear New York Fashion Week Trend Review

New York Fashion Week isn't over yet, but I don't care. I'm reviewing it now as it's fresh in my mind. Day 5 and Day 6 can deal with it.

I've just looked at about 20 shows and that's more than enough to decipher main trends, find a couple favourite designers for the season, and be disappointed by your previous favourites, because no designer is consistently and constantly amazing every season. I recently watched a TED Talk where Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat, Pray, Love, talked about this issue that plagues the psyche of every creative person. Sometimes you write a brilliant book that Oprah pimps and it gets turned into a blockbuster hit starring Julia Roberts. And sometimes you write a book no one cares about. I would like to say this sort of thing is out of an artist's control, but I've been told that's the outlook of a depressed person. Instead I will say: Alexander Wang and my dearest Olsen Twins, you will always be my shining stars, despite your underwhelming Spring/Summer 2015 shows. And in light of L'Wren Scott's passing away earlier this year, please book a vacation at least once a year.

Moving on...

Introducing: The Showered & Employable Hippie

Karen Walker S/S15
Diane Von Furstenberg S/S15
Coach S/S15
Tomas Maier S/S15
Ulla Johnson S/S15
Rodebjer S/S15

Remember back in 2004 when Alfie came out and everyone went nuts over Sienna Miller and her lazy bohemian look? No, honestly it was really lazy. She never brushed her hair and she usually looked like she just woke up from a 3 day drug bender and grabbed what clothing was on the floor and left the apartment to walk her dog. That's mainly what she was photographed doing, anyways. 

Sienna Miller in Alfie
Kate Moss too was starting to get a huge amount of candid press and she also looked unkempt and generally drugged up with her unkempt, drugged-up boyfriend Pete Doherty. Go figure.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty at Glastonbury
For some reason, these two sloppy Brits managed to give birth to over 5 years of non-stop bohemian obsession that dominated the runways and retail stores thereafter. I enjoyed it for about five seconds, and then I realized I like structure in my clothing and life, which is a bit anal retentive for a then 16 year old, but believe it or not I used to have goals and priorities. Fast forward to now, it looks as though designers are looking to have a bit of a hippie revival, but *not* a dirty hippie revival. In fact, you could probably wear some of the above looks to a job interview. Fascinating stuff.

Introducing: Shirt Dresses for Everyone! Yay!

Rodebjer S/S15
Nanette Lepore S/S15
Karen Walker S/S15
Zimmerman S/S15
Donna Karen S/S15
Altuzarra S/S15

While I am most excited about channelling my inner Farrah Fawcett, this trend was much more prominent and developed on the runways. Shirt dresses for one and all! No matter how juvenile, prude, sexual, or over-the-top glamorous you are, there is a shirt dress for you this season. I know it's not the most exciting wardrobe piece, but it's easy and typically machine washable so find solace in that. Other noteworthy runway trends this season so far: weird hats (I blame Pharrell), pointy flats, scarves, belts, draping/flowing/wrapping tops, and stripes. 

(Photo credit: www.style.com)

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Top Three Qualities of a Successful Fashion Intern

As part of the interview process I am currently completing for FLARE Magazine, I must complete a brief written assignment with a variety of questions. One of them being, "Explain three qualities a fashion intern must possess in order to be successful." Based on the shared experiences of others, what I learned during my interview with FLARE, and various online research I arrived at the below answers. I thought perhaps others might benefit from my sharing. I'll let you know how it goes *crosses fingers*

1.    Initiative

Anticipating needs and delivering results before they are requested is the single most important thing an intern can do for their supervisor. Interns are hired to make life easier for those they are assisting rather than being another drain on their time, which is why initiative is so important. Initiative means figuring out a way to add value from the start by filling a missing need, or coming up with a solution to a specific problem, or simply spotting small manageable tasks that can be quickly taken care of. When I left my previous position my boss told me that she was really going to miss having me around to anticipate her needs and warn her of upcoming tasks that required her attention. I was happy to know that I had served her well.

2.    Determination

Fashion is a demanding industry and in order to gain the most out of an internship, a fashion intern must give 110% effort in everything that they do knowing that not everything will always go smoothly. Not succeeding in getting everything right on the first try or as planned should not be an impediment for interns. Being able to persevere and get the job done while being receptive to constructive criticism is important. I hate to insert a cheesy cliché here, but where there is a will, there is a way!

3.    Professionalism

Interns need to be able to communicate effectively with others to execute their tasks and facilitate teamwork. Being able to ask questions and let someone know when they’ve run into a problem allows work to be accomplished more quickly and with less frustration. Communicating with tact is also very important. Fashion interns must often work in a fast-paced environment where good manners and considerate behavior can go a long way towards a pleasant and friendly work environment. This professionalism is also required when representing the organization to the public at large. Interns should leave others with the sense that they are dealing with a respectful organization that they can trust and regard highly.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Why Both Lady Gaga and I Need Fashion

FASHION Magazine February, 2014
I am in the midst of assembling an application package to FASHION Magazine for one of their summer internships and as part of the application I must critique their latest issue (February, 2014).

This I can do no problem. Just like most of the fashionably-inclined, criticizing has become second-nature for me. In fact, the moment I picked up this month's issue I thought to myself that it was a contender for the most understated magazine cover ever published of Gaga (albeit the prettiest and most relatable). I was also surprised a shot of her in one of her innovative eyewear pieces made the cover. Surely even those were too radical for the contrastingly demure FASHION Magazine brand. Well, it turns out they were. Bernadette Morra discloses in her Editor's Letter that she reluctantly let Gaga hand-pick the shot with "wacky glasses" after foreseeing an uphill battle with the pop singer (fun fact: most artists are insufferably dedicated to maintaining the integrity of their visions, myself included).

Now, as much as I like to pat myself on the back for having these sorts of hunches, I recognize that it comes with a price. The more trained the eye becomes to a particular pattern of execution, the less accepting and open-minded it remains to anything that deviates. In other words, I can't tolerate let alone appreciate most civilian fashion. Do you see what I did there? I just shunned almost everything the general public wears. And this is the curse of loving fashion: it's an industry seemingly built on elitism and no one escapes life completely unscathed by its unapologetic standards.

FASHION Magazine August, 2011: Lady Gaga's last cover with the magazine
And just as I begin lamenting about the impossibility of it all, I read Gaga's interview and am reminded of why I love fashion to begin with. "It was always the thing that made me feel like I could be anything, no matter what anyone said about me....fashion gave me a sense of who I am." says Gaga in response to an inquiry on her draw to fashion.

I too have embraced the self-fulling prophecies of my own dress. I grew up painfully shy and insecure, but I learned to dress with confidence and then eventually it came. For most of my life my clothing has been my armour. It has allowed me to project the woman I wanted to become when I could not project it myself, just like Gaga, which is exactly why she fought for those crazy weird glasses on the cover. They're not just for the world to see; she needs to see them too.

Photo Credits: www.fashionmagazine.com

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vogue Paris February 2013: I  NYPhotographer: Terry Richardson
Models: Natasha Poly & Tony Ward
Stylist: Géraldine Saglio
Hair: James Pecis
Make-Up: Aaron De Mey

Terry Richardson I look forward to working with you one day (even if you are peverse).

Friday, February 8, 2013

Youtube Channel Shenanigans

Tracey Quo (Left) Vonda (Right)

Me and my wonderful friend Vonda are beginning a YouTube Channel called The Style Tips Channel and I will be blogging all about the experience here: http://thestyletipschannel.blogspot.ca.

The premise of the YouTube Channel is basically giving young women some helpful inspiration to get more excited about fashion because sometimes we can all forget just how ridiculously fun clothes can truly be.

We have completed three videos but have not finished editing them. I really hope that this project is a rewarding and fulfilling one. I must admit it is strange and a bit mortifying watching myself on camera as I haven't really seen myself filmed before, except maybe in old family home videos.

I will be sharing the first YouTube link on here as soon as it is up! I hope you all enjoy :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Studio Shooting

Color Popping Hipster Shoot 02/02/2013
ACAD Studio
Photographer: Emma Kopstein
Hair & MUA: Maynell Maan
Model: Chris G IModel Management

Monochromatic Shoot 19/01/2013
ACAD Studio
Photographer: Emma Kopstein
Hair & MUA: Maynell Maan
Model: Chris G IModel Management

Been doing some studio shooting lately. It's quick & easy, but ultimately creatives are what gets my blood pumping. I'm planning a couple upcoming shoots in Edmonton that should help quell my editorial cravings. Calgary's winter weather just ain't conducive to fashion story tellin' yo!