Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Sophisticate

  The Sophisticate
Styling: Tracey Quo
Photography: White Cedar
Model: Rayna McKay

If I am anything in this world, I am a dreamer. I have been since I was a small child. I was never in tune with my surroundings because I was always lost in my own world. Anyone who knows me personally, knows I leave planet earth at least 10 times a day to contemplate the future. It is just what my mind gravitates towards whether I like it or not. I've read that people daydream 27% of their waking day, so I take some solace in that. This was the first photo shoot I styled and it came more naturally than pooping. True story.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Hiatus Post

31. Phillip Lim and Viktor & Rolf RTW S/S 2011

Okay, one last post before disappearing for awhile because blogging is one of the few things in life that makes me smile for no reason in particular and those are the best sorts of smiles now aren't they?

Some of the looks that came down the Spring/Summer runways had me questioning just exactly what sort of garment they would be classified as. For example, Phillip Lim's Apron-meets-collar-meets-dress ensemble or Viktor & Rolf's dress/off shoulder shirt/tunic. And this reminded me a lot about Plato's realm of ideal forms.

Is this a shoe?

Plato questioned what made say a shoe, a shoe? What would it mean to claim that something is a shoe? At first you might say well it is something that you wear to walk in that covers and protects the foot, but what if a shoe does not provide protection? What if a shoe is made that is never worn or walked in? What if a shoe does not cover the entire foot, but only bits or pieces? Exactly what is the essence of a shoe?

How about this?
Plato argued that there exists a perfect form of shoe and every other entity imaginable called their ideal form. They are unchangeable, ideal, and consistent forms of everything in this ever-changing and temporary world of ours merely emulates with imperfect copies. We can never come to know these ideal, true forms directly, but we come to understand them. Thus, shoes in our everyday lives are considered shoes because they partake of these ideal forms. Abstract concepts such as justice and beauty also have their ideal forms according to Plato.

Or this?
So while say a toeless shoe may not be considered exactly a shoe, we know that if it is any entity it is a shoe because it shares some commonalities with a shoe's ideal form. But what exactly can we say when it comes to the melting pot fashions of Viktor & Rolf or Phillip Lim? It's an interesting thought to ponder...


I hate to do this my friends, but my hands are pretty tied for the next month. I will be back I promise and hopefully shortly (within a month). I just have too much on my plate right now to talk about the more important things in life (editorials, trends, runways collections, and shoes *sighs*). I hope to keep up following everyone else's blogs though despite not running my own. Alright, BRB my kick ass followers!

*insert sad face wearing Prada here*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celebrity Spotlight: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley in head-to-toe Chanel RTW S/S 2011
Keira Knightley has come out of hibernation this past month to promote her 'Never Let Me Go' film with her co-star Carey Mulligan around London, England. It's excellent to see her making the rounds because firstly, I just love her feisty spirit (screw you Mr. Darcy!). Secondly, she is one of Karl's muses and I happen to love anything Chanel so through deductive reasoning you should be able to figure that one out :)

P.S I think Carey's style is beginning to grow on me. At first she was sort of plain jane for me and reminded me of Michelle Williams too much, but the Vionnet look does things for me.

Keira Knightley in Rodarte RTW S/S 2011 dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Carey Mulligan in Proenza Schouler RTW S/S 2011 dress and YSL heels.

Keira Knightley in a Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2010 dress and Charlotte Olympia heels. Carey Mulligan in a Vionnet Giuseppe RTW S/S 2011 dress and Zanottie for Vionnet gold wedges

(credited to TFS)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trend Spotting: Pajama Pants

Michael Kors S/S RTW 2010
Runway designers are often inspired by celebrities and some have been known to design entire collections around a particularly innovative and fashionable celeb. The Olsen twins have been one of these influencers before and I believe that they have done it again, only this time it's just one particular garment and just one Olsen twin.

Ashley Olsen rockin' the PJ Pants.
Typically it's Mary-kate who selects kooky looks to traipse around NY in, but every now and then Ashley wears some outlandish fur coat or in this instance, PJs. I never thought I would be an advocate for this look, but dammit I am. It's sort of grandma chic and when you're in your twenties, grandma chic is cool in an ironic no-other-age-group-including-grandmas-could-pull-this-look-off kind of way (yay hyphens).

I think I will try this look out, but just to make sure everyone is clear on the fact that I am at the forefront of a very avante guard trend I will wear heels. I wouldn't want people thinking I am one of those lazy high school students that can't be bothered to change in the morning, now would I?

(Photos credited to TFS and

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cruella Deville featured on Spring/Summer 2010 Runways?

Oscar De La Renta                                                               Victor & Rolf

Chanel                                                                             Zac Posen

Perhaps my imagination is just running over time tonight, but seriously. What is going on here??

(Credited to

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vogue Brazil October 2010: "Corpo presente"

Vogue Brazil October 2010
"Corpo presente"
Photography: Jacques Dequeker
Model: Gisele Bündchen
Styling: Daniel Ueda

If I were Gisele, this is exactly how I would rest myself in other people's homes.

I would sprawl myself across the entire length of your sofa with my feet jammed into your precious throw pillows; I would lean against your grand piano staring off into the distance over my arched shoulders; I would collapse on your floor and raise one hand over my eyes to shield them from sunlight and with the other hand cup my perfectly sculpted ass; and last, but not least, I would walk around in my rhinestone covered stilettos in only panties and a corset just because I know you'd never protest if I did.

(Credited to TFS)

ALDO 2010 Ad Campaigns Part Deux

Jessica Stam and Terry Richardson returned with their satirical styling and this time they brought along Matt Gordon. Jessica, I am evading all personal responsibility for my Aldo online purchases this past month and blaming them all on you and your silly, silly props. Check out the video of the shoot here.

(credited to The Happen & Beauty Crazed)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The "I can See Your Underwear" Movement

Remember Dolce & Gabanna's panty parade? It's catching on.

Would you go sheer down there?

(Credited to Fashionising & Stockholm Streetstyle)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beauty or Fashion In the Eye of the Beholder?

American Model/Actress Megan Fox

The below article was written specifically for Breakfast at Dior by my friend and psychology student Amanda Gibby. In return I am writing her Myers Briggs Typology fashion profiles, which I will be linking to on here. If you're into personality tests or psychology you'll want to check out Amanda's blog.

Written by Blogger Amanda of Psychology Fitness

Fashion is the true “in the eye of the beholder” classifier. At least, fashion is more so than beauty. Think about it. What you consider fashionable may be wretched, poor taste, or just plain boring to whomever happens to be sitting next to you in the break room. Fashion is able self-expression, and adopting designer trends you can fully identify with.

On the other hand beauty, despite many misconceptions and urban folklore, is much less subjective than we like to preach. Many a Reassurer has been heard spouting the phrase: “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.” In many classes I have sat through, I’ve heard professors speaking of beauty being perceived differently across cultures. Yet when it comes down to actual research studies based on empirical data, beauty is standardizable cross culturally. In said studies, beauty is measurable and quantifiable by criteria such as spatial averages, bilateral symmetry, and large differences between a female look and a male look. And results were produced time and time again, pointing to what most mothers want to protect their children from hearing: beauty is objectifiably measurable, across cultures; people across the world tend to agree on what is considered beautiful.

Indian Model/Actress Aishwarya Rai

At the same time, these studies involved two dimensional pictures of faces- not face-to-face with live subjects. Therefore, these studies do not account for such factors as intrinsic beauty. Still, the phrase “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” indicates that from one person to the next, views of what is beautiful cannot be agreed upon and that is simply not the case. Beauty, even intrinsic beauty, is easily agreed upon, even amongst members of different cultures. Traits like a pleasant demeanor, altruism, and …all make a person more attractive, so to speak.

Take the “Halo Effect” for example. This phenomenon is not only used to describe behavior in the classroom, nor making a good impression when meeting someone for the first time. Unfortunately we as the human race tend to assign a “halo” to those who are more attractive, reportedly. Is this to that individuals’ advantage or disadvantage? Surely higher expectations could have many disadvantages.

Chinese Model/Actress Zhang Ziyi

Fashion, on the other hand, may indeed be better judged in the eye of the beholder. Not all fashions are flattering, yet many fashions are adopted and loved because they are “hot” …Is fashionable the same thing as Beautiful? I say neigh. Does fashion have the potential to create some version of the Halo Effect aforementioned? I say yes, but it is a much more specific phenomenons. Fashionable trend perceptions will depend on the crowd, the surrounding culture, environment, and even outdoor weather for the day.

Mary-kate Olsen: Fashion Leader or Fashion Victim? You decide.

(photos credited to TFS)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

'Tale of the Unexpected' Benjamin Kanarek for Harpers BAZAAR Hong Kong

Harper's BAZAAR Hong Kong, October 2010
Tale of the Unexpected
Phtography: Benjamin Kanarek
Model: Katie Fogarty
Styling: Laurent Dombrowicz

Apparently Vogue isn't the only magazine that can pull off a whimsical fairy-tale shoot. All of these characters look vaguely familiar, but are said to be created for this shoot specifically. I am reminded of Emma Watson's Harry Potter character above and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. If he only had a trap.

This is one crazy creative shoot. If you ever wondered what happened to haute couture after it walked down a runway for 50 seconds, this is your answer. It gets used for wacky editorials and then retires in some rich lady's collection of never-to-be-worn priceless frocks. On occasion children wear them too. And now for a few words from the photographer himself:  

"Katie Fogarty stars in the fabulous, ferociously funny, freaky film “The 7 Tales of Katie in Kinderland” as the wonderfully witty “Wizard of Westergarten” in the County of Cormilligan (Try saying that after a few drinks)."

Watch a behind the scenes video of the shoot here.

Update: Also, I have been honored with Benjamin Kanarek's presence on my blog. Another tale of unexpectedness. Thank-you for stopping by Ben.