Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vogue Turkey "Kolejli ve Soylu"

Kolejli ve Soylu
Vogue Turkey September 2011
Model: Juju Ivanyuk
Photography: Ellen von Unwerth
Styling: Sebastian Kaufmann

There is actually a surprising dearth of school girl themed editorials out there. I know because I googled the world wide web for like 4 hours one evening trying to find a few, and all I found was Miranda Kerr's vaguely pornographic catholic editorial. In light of this fact I am going to make a mental note to do a creative sometime this upcoming summer that's education themed. I feel like this is a theme I could really bring to life seeing as I never seem to leave school, at least not for long.

Right now I am in exam hell. I would rather do almost anything than write an exam, including the following items:

1. Sit in a pool of pig blood
2. Take part in a Roman-style orgy with cats
3. Stock soup cans all day at a Walmart supercentre
4. Bark out my window at passerby's
5. Listen to smooth jazz Nyan cat for 5 hours straight

wait....who am I kidding? I love Nyan cat! I would do that any day.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vogue Brasil “Broto Legal“

“Broto Legal“
Vogue Brasil November 2011

Photographer: Henrique Gendre

Model: Charlotte Di Calypso
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Luis Fiod

In case you forgot that it's always sunny in Brazil, here is a summer editorial in their November issue (damn them). Do people wander the streets naked in Brazil? I sure hope so. And I hope that while they wander around topless and such they still carry a handbag with them. Girls feel naked without those and we wouldn't want girls to feel naked whilst naked now would we? 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Coast Avante-Guard" - C-Heads Magazine

C-Heads Magazine
"Coast Avante-Guard"
Photography: Todd Duncan
Creative Direction & Styling: Tracey Quo
Models: Stephanie, Charity, and Ann from John Casablancas Interntional Model Management

This was shot in August. It's November. Holy time lapse batman! Anyways, the love I feel towards this photoshoot is akin to the love between a first time mother and her newborn. I essentially stayed up all night to nurture and grow it, which I did people. This was A LOT of work <3

"Suit Yourself" - Moot Times Newspaper

Moot Times Newspaper
"Suit Yourself"
Photography: Tracey Quo
Styling: Tracey Quo
Models: University of Calgary First Year Law Students 

I wrote the article corresponding to this photoshoot as well! Page 9 : (

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My cousin is a rock star.

Every time my cousin, Pam, gets tagged on Facebook I squeal with delight, because I know I'm about to be taken to some bizarre alternate dimension, also known as the 90s.

It's essentially like following an indie flick actress on twitter or maybe going on tour with Kurt Cobain. It's all so rock n' roll and 'fuck the man'. I've always been way too fond of looking all proper and such to pull off any Sweet Child O' Mine look, but I definitely enjoy when Pam rocks my Fbook newsfeed. Rock on dudette.

Holt Renfrew December Displays

(photo credit to Holt Renfrew)

Joy to the world it's that time of the month again. Yay!

It's not December yet, but Holt Renfrew nor the rest of the retail world cares. I know some people get annoyed when holidays are forced upon them way in advance, but I welcome the marketing onslaught.

I know I'm a broke student. I've come to terms with the fact I cannot afford a holiday shopping spree. A Marc Jacobs party dress is so far removed from my reality that the whole idea of getting upset over not having one is ridiculous. Therefore, merchandising displays are my friends (even when torment ensues, they're still my friends).

These windows are a bit more traditional as opposed to Holt's more wacky and abstract displays, but I suppose we can tone things down a bit for Christmas, although in general-screw toning things down a bit. Leave that dirty work to Kate Middleton and Hilary Clinton.