Monday, January 2, 2017

Best Dressed Women of 2016


Kate Moss is perhaps the most timeless, enduring style icon of all time. She does classic really, really well and she is simply the epitome of cool. Maybe it's her penchant for skinny jeans, leather jackets, and leopard print? Whatever it is, she is still knocking it out of the ball park at 42.


 Kate Middleton's style became a bit more youthful and relevant this year and to that I say thank god, because she is too much of a public figure to waste on prudish formal attire. She wore more Alexander McQueen and developed an addiction to nude pumps, which I am more than okay with (I too wear nude pumps with errything'!).


I never thought I would take interest in a Kardashian, but here I am putting her on a best dressed list. Kanye made her his muse this year and he was consistently doing a great job. It's a shame she's now incognito after the robbery. All the sheer, all the thigh highs, the corsets, nude everything, lingerie, sexified athlesiure, snakeskin, leopard print, oversized pieces and mile-long hair extensions...was it as good for you as it was for us Kim K?


Victoria is a fantastic designer who has really come into her own. She's got her own distinct style and reoccurring silhouettes. It can take years and years to find your style. It is a journey, but once you arrive at your destination you can command any room with the power that is phenomenal personal style. Victoria is owning her look more than ever before so she gets a spot on the list!


 Emily is the personification of sex I never knew I needed. Everything she wears is infused with sex similar to Kim Kardashian, except that Emily has a persona that is very mysterious, soft, feminine and alluring so there's an alignment. It is not an attempt at self-promotion.


I wanted to have different people on my list this year, but the Olsen twins cannot be denied. They are just so far ahead of the fashion game they write the rules. The things they wear only make sense in a year or two. It's like taking a trip to the future of fashion.


 There's something about the long, lean body of a 21 year old that just makes clothes look killer. These women could choose to wear a garbage bag and still look great, but they don't so I am here to thank them. Thank you Victoria Secret models for wearing cool clothes in front of the paparazzi. 


I like to think Solange is Beyonce without all the strategic generic marketing and careful sculpting. She is a colorful free spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum. I dig it.

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