Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vogue Turkey "Kolejli ve Soylu"

Kolejli ve Soylu
Vogue Turkey September 2011
Model: Juju Ivanyuk
Photography: Ellen von Unwerth
Styling: Sebastian Kaufmann

There is actually a surprising dearth of school girl themed editorials out there. I know because I googled the world wide web for like 4 hours one evening trying to find a few, and all I found was Miranda Kerr's vaguely pornographic catholic editorial. In light of this fact I am going to make a mental note to do a creative sometime this upcoming summer that's education themed. I feel like this is a theme I could really bring to life seeing as I never seem to leave school, at least not for long.

Right now I am in exam hell. I would rather do almost anything than write an exam, including the following items:

1. Sit in a pool of pig blood
2. Take part in a Roman-style orgy with cats
3. Stock soup cans all day at a Walmart supercentre
4. Bark out my window at passerby's
5. Listen to smooth jazz Nyan cat for 5 hours straight

wait....who am I kidding? I love Nyan cat! I would do that any day.

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