Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rihanna 80s Style

While I may hate the vile music that came out of the 80s (here's looking at you Beverly Hills Cop), I have to say the fashion is TOO MUCH FUN. It's so ironic and horribly tacky, but within it's own bizarre twisted framework it actually works. Rihanna is one of the few celebrities I have seen pull off the 80s look and this is probably due to the fact that she is a rock star. When I previously said "bizarre twisted framework" what I actually meant was "on a rock star" or "at a theme party". THOSE ARE THE ONLY TIMES IT WORKS. Unless you're a model, and then everything just works on you all the time and the rest of us secretly hate you for it.

If you are a rock star, heading to a theme party, or a cursed model, then take note of the fabulous styles above you may draw inspiration from: shoulder-padded over-sized blazers (once referred to as "power dressing" *barf*), leotards and dance wear, crazy mofo hair, washed out denim, leopard and houndstooth print, designer sneakers and tennis shoes, anything "punk" or "metal head" esque, and over-sized questionable sweaters.

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thefashionistachic said...

Rihanna is totally my daughter in my head. I love her. She just make sit work!

Marcy said...

Like Rihanna style, she is hot and stylish! love her red hairdo!