Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brand Evolution: Aritzia

Aritzia Magazine Issue #2
    Model: Actress Tamzin Merchant
 Photographer: Valerie Phillips
Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Dear Aritzia,

I noticed you've been aggressively expanding across North America, including a new massive flag ship store in Manhattan. I also noticed you finally launched an online store, and have even begun publishing your own online magazine. So do tell, when the effffffffffffff are you going to become a public company so I can make a little cash from following your growth so religiously? If there's one thing I could potentially invest in without annoying market speculation overwhelming my own natural confidence and insight it's fashion labels/companies, and in particular Y-O-U. So please just have an IPO already? kthxbye.


Impatiently Waiting Your Next Move

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