Tuesday, September 29, 2015

MBFF Sydney 2015 Red Carpet Runway Glamour

The next Ms. Bond? - Galanni SS15 

Red carpet used to be the exclusive privilege of only a handful of people as it was originally used to designate the walking path for heads of state at prestigious ceremonies. Now it is a custom fixture for any soiree with a VIP guest list that can pay respects to its prestigious roots (by purchasing a gown worth a college semester’s tuition). Viewing the looks that marched down Town Hall’s striking Centennial Hall one can understand why they come with such a high price tag. The dresses sported in the show were dressmaking masterpieces that were nit-picked over obsessively by tenured seamstresses.

Beyonce will be sure to snap this glittery bodysuit up! - Michael Lo Sordo SS15
Some stand outs for the evening were Carla Zampatti and Zhivago. Carla is a very well-maintained 73 year old Italian-born womenswear designer. I like to call her the Australian Donatella Versace because they're both extraordinarily fabulous for their age and share Italian roots. Zhivago was a favorite of mine last year, and I think it's because there's an element of androgyny present in all their designs. There's something about combining something epicly girly (like a maxi dress with a train) with something bold and strong (like pointy shoulder pads) that just does it for me :)

Rawr! - Zhivago SS15

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