Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trend Spotting: Pajama Pants

Michael Kors S/S RTW 2010
Runway designers are often inspired by celebrities and some have been known to design entire collections around a particularly innovative and fashionable celeb. The Olsen twins have been one of these influencers before and I believe that they have done it again, only this time it's just one particular garment and just one Olsen twin.

Ashley Olsen rockin' the PJ Pants.
Typically it's Mary-kate who selects kooky looks to traipse around NY in, but every now and then Ashley wears some outlandish fur coat or in this instance, PJs. I never thought I would be an advocate for this look, but dammit I am. It's sort of grandma chic and when you're in your twenties, grandma chic is cool in an ironic no-other-age-group-including-grandmas-could-pull-this-look-off kind of way (yay hyphens).

I think I will try this look out, but just to make sure everyone is clear on the fact that I am at the forefront of a very avante guard trend I will wear heels. I wouldn't want people thinking I am one of those lazy high school students that can't be bothered to change in the morning, now would I?

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Hélène Heath said...

Not gonna lie, i'm loooving this trend! As long as it's dressed up, these are so chic!

Erin (penny. LA) said...

There are many trends that I'm loving this season, but I just cannot get into this. But at the same time it took skinny jeans a LOOOONG time to grow on me... perhaps this will be the same? (Though I doubt it.)

Tracey said...

Erin I am loving a lot of the trends this season too! This probably isn't your look, but I think you'll learn to appreciate it on others :P

Anonymous said...

this is a trend i think i'm going to pass, in my school everyone wears it anyway running to class in early morning. I won't exactly be ahead of trend now would i?

I am looking into some pretty quirky chameos from "ghostlove jewelery" on Etsy. I would look in other places and let you know too.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

I like the way this looks on the runway but I'm not sure I could pull it off. If I do try though, I will be avoiding the ones of the typical pajama silk variety and dressing them up with heels. I would hate to look like one of those students who wears their pajama bottoms and Uggs to school all the time. Have a great weekend love! xx

Dee O. said...

I think it looks great and very comfy lol! Will definitely be giving this a try :)


Unknown said...

love this trend..stylish AND rarely happens:)