Saturday, October 2, 2010

'Tale of the Unexpected' Benjamin Kanarek for Harpers BAZAAR Hong Kong

Harper's BAZAAR Hong Kong, October 2010
Tale of the Unexpected
Phtography: Benjamin Kanarek
Model: Katie Fogarty
Styling: Laurent Dombrowicz

Apparently Vogue isn't the only magazine that can pull off a whimsical fairy-tale shoot. All of these characters look vaguely familiar, but are said to be created for this shoot specifically. I am reminded of Emma Watson's Harry Potter character above and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. If he only had a trap.

This is one crazy creative shoot. If you ever wondered what happened to haute couture after it walked down a runway for 50 seconds, this is your answer. It gets used for wacky editorials and then retires in some rich lady's collection of never-to-be-worn priceless frocks. On occasion children wear them too. And now for a few words from the photographer himself:  

"Katie Fogarty stars in the fabulous, ferociously funny, freaky film “The 7 Tales of Katie in Kinderland” as the wonderfully witty “Wizard of Westergarten” in the County of Cormilligan (Try saying that after a few drinks)."

Watch a behind the scenes video of the shoot here.

Update: Also, I have been honored with Benjamin Kanarek's presence on my blog. Another tale of unexpectedness. Thank-you for stopping by Ben. 


Benjamin Kanarek said...

Loved the critique....

Bur honestly, Was totally invented with no reference to any character what so ever.

Benjamin Kanarek said...

Thanks for posting my images. Would you mind very much also posting to the original source? Thanks Benjamin Kanarek:

Niki said...

wow amazing that he came and commented! super cool. and a RAD editorial.

and I've always debated getting a tennis racket that size. It would seriously enhance my game. haha.

xo Niki
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