Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trend Spotting: Maybe Clogs Aren't So Bad After all.

Normally I am quite excited when an unusual trend presents itself. Every now and then, however, something questionably ugly comes along that makes me wary. I know I am probably the last person on earth to embrace clogs, but something typically associated with Dutch dancing (clogging) and gardening gives me reason to remain skeptical. "Comfortable slip-on shoe" doesn't exactly ring style savvy to me either. However, after Karl Lagerfeld gave us the nod with his Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection last year and with every fashionable celeb now following suit, I find it safe to say: clogs are O.K.

Sometimes I feel manipulated by Karl. Sometimes I feel he does things just see if he can get away with it, like when he debuted furry monster boots earlier this year. Some people would call that an abuse of power. Not cool Karl. Not cool. With that said, these chunky wooden-bottomed shoes have grown on me, unlike the yettie boots. Also, all the cool kids are wearing them and I want to be cool.

As we can see from this selection, clogs are incredibly versatile. They can be worn well with a loose trouser, cuffed jeans, wool leggings, a sexy dress and bare legs etc.... They even look good when Ashley Olsen wears them with pajamas. It would appear one can't go wrong with them, but lets not forget we're looking at runway models and heavily photographed celebs. If you have larger calves I would avoid this trend or stick to the more dainty styles like Sarah Jessica Parker's above. Dresses and skirts should also be kept above the knee as well. This keeps the shoe looking youthful and fashion forward rather than something resembling clunky, garden footwear.

My clog pick is from Gucci's Hysteria collection.

Now THAT is a clog I would be proud of wearing. Elegant, sexy, refined and it's also conveniently on sale at Neiman Marcus right now. These Stuart Weitzman clogs aren't so bad either. Now to find $267 US to mindlessly blow on shoes...


. said...

I still hate this shoes..haha

Tracey said...

I understand. They're not exactly what Coco Chanel had in mind for fashionable attire.