Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Spotlight: Essie Nail Polish

Are you really matte about me Essie? Because I am totally matte about you.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who obsess about nail polish and those who don't. I know I'm making a strong divide, but nail polish is just one of those things that you either obsess about or are oblivious to (like recycling or Rob Patterson).

This, I suspect, is due to two characteristics of nail polish:

Firstly, once one makes a commitment to nail polish it is difficult to remain aloof to any bit of polish chipping or nail breaking. And chipping and breaking happens constantly regardless of how much keratin you digest (fun fact: nails grow faster in the summer than any other season). Indeed, nail maintenance can be rather demanding and an emotionally exhausting endeavor (yay neuroticism).

Secondly, it appears to me that nail polish is one of those small negligible purchases that allows itself to be bought in not-so-innocuous-on-my-visa-statement-after-all frequency. Relatively cheap and small items always have the consequence of becoming collected and like squirrels hoarding nuts for the winter, girls amass unreasonable amounts of pretty paint.

So understandably, when one comes across a nail polish that particularly tickles one's fancy one goes a little bonkers like I did when I bought Pink Parka by Essie.

This shit is bananas.

It has an eye-catching matte finish, goes on very smoothly, and lays remarkably thinly on your nails. What more could a nail polish junkie want? MORE.

Essie Weingarten, the founder and president of Essie created the brand back in 1981 due to a lack of fashion-forward shades in the market. Weingarten says. “Years ago, the polish choices at the salon didn’t reflect that; they were so limiting, so I took a risk and made shades that were new and exciting.”

From the bottom of my lacquer addicted heart: Thank-you Essie Weingarten.

You can check out Pink Parka and other Essie matte nail polish online here.


Mer said...

1. I totally agree with the division of people who obsess over nail polish and those who don't! Some of my friends think I'm a nut job for being obsessed with nail polish, and others think its the best thing ever!

2. Pink Parka is amazing. You should check out China Glaze's Shocking Pink, I like it even more than PP. It's lighter and brighter!


Tracey said...

Your nail polish obsession is the best thing ever. Don't ever let anyone try to stop your unhealthy fascination.

Great Blog :)