Monday, May 23, 2011

What I wear on dates that don't happen.

Dress: Jacob
Sweater: Talulah Babaton (Aritzia)
Purse: Vera Pell
Flats: Aldo

Thursday evening I had planned on meeting a sophisticated kind of fellow at The Bacchus Lounge for a date, but had to cancel because I simply felt like shit. I'm not particularly charming when I have to blow my nose every 3 minutes and my voice sounds more frog than human. I had the best intentions though when I picked my Italy themed outfit in honor of our Roman God themed bar. My purse is from Florence and my dress reminds me of Italy's flag. 

Since I went to the trouble of showering and getting dolled up I figured I might as well make a blog post of it. Thanks Alex, my lovely new photographer, for humoring me once again :P

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Alex said...

Love the Italy-themed outfit! Looking good Tracey :)