Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blake Lively + Lorraine Schwartz = BFF?

Okay, so lately I have noticed Blake wearing a lot of jewelry, and I mean a lot. Even lil' Jon and rappers everywhere with their heaps of bling are like "damn gurl! wassup!?" that is if they could pronounce vowels.  Anyways, Blake. Bling. What be happenin'? Well it turns out the majority of the jewelery that has been lent out to Blake has come from CDFA member/designer Lorraine Schwartz.

Late last year Blake attended the designer's launch party for her 2BHAPPY collection, not to be outshone of course by her Diamond Monkey collection, and I suppose a mutually beneficial relationship was forged. No, Lorraine is not Blake's Sugar Mama, she just gives her sparkly stuff when she struts red, fuzzy ground.

I know what you're wondering. How much is one of those bracelets worth? Let me tell you:

More. Than. Your. Life. 

Okay, maybe your life is worth more than one of them, but NOT the entire arm party. No way man. Typically when jewelry designers loan out their goods it's only for 24 hours and a security officer is assigned to stalk them their entire evening accompany them to their event and after parties, after which they are collected the very same night. On occasion they are gifted to the celebrity if the jewelry designer is a generous type. I agree with this practice as it prevents people like Lindsay Lohan from committing felony grand theft. I mean, can you blame the girl? Everyone knows you don't inject yourself with heroin in front of a junkie. Why would you give a girl diamonds and then take them away? EVIL.

photo credit: TFS

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