Sunday, July 24, 2011

90s Flashback: Ladeez Knot Yo Shirts!

 (photo credit zimbio, tfs, fashion mogul)

Oh, knotted shirts! Where do I begin? You bring me back to Christina Ricci duck tapping her boobs in Now and Then and Kurt Cobain being a hot mess before hot mess was even a term. You're basically all sorts of edgy do-it-yourself fun and I don't even have to wait for retailers to stock up on you because you can be easily created with any button down and two hands. Actually you can even use any loose t-shirt for this look (take a looksie below). How rad can you get? I should have seen this one coming with all the cropped turtlenecks and plaid flocking the streets these days.

What I really like about this look is the updated high waisted take on it celebs like Annalynne McCord and Kiera Knightley are trying. It's some sort of mutt mix of 70s and 90s. Radness my friends. Radness.

 (photo credit Carolines Mode)

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love and love!