Monday, December 28, 2015

The Top Style Stars of 2015: Part 1

Since about 2005 I have been an avid follower of celebrity fashion. Around this time celebrity tabloids were exploding and starting to develop a strong online presence. I, however, just went straight to the image sources, such as Getty Images. Like a drug addict, I wanted “the good stuff,” if you will. That’s about a decade now of me solidly stalking tracking what all the pretty ladies are wearing. Whether it’s catching a flight at LAX, heading into a Golden Globes after party, or vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, if there’s a stylish frock on someone, I will know about it so help me Joan Rivers.

Without further adieu, I present to you my style stars for 2015:

The Actresses

Diane Kruger – The Muse

I once watched Diane Kruger and Ginnifer Goodwin eat dinner at The Sutton Hotel in Vancouver. I called everyone I knew and loudly proclaimed my celebrity sighting. It made her very uncomfortable. My date had no idea who she was and I don’t think most people do, but she is quite well known amongst her designer friends, including Karl Lagerfeld, her neighbour in Paris. She’s known him since she was 16. It’s not fair, is it? Jason Wu is another close friend of hers and designed an entire collection using her as inspiration. He even debuted a bag called the “Diane.” So there you have it: Diane is fashion royalty and every designer wants her to be their muse because she is always dressed impeccably on the red carpet. She famously does not use a stylist, but I feel it’s misleading to put that out there as all major design houses have stylists and I can’t imagine they aren’t helping her, along with her designer buddies every step of the way. Fashion is best executed as a communal activity anyway. Consult magazines, observe your peers, get some advice from your friends, etc... it’s fun.

Sienna Miller – Effortless European

Sienna is a pretty girl who smokes like a chimney and does not brush her hair! She is a knotty girl indeed. I think it’s one of my favorite things about her. In a world where make up is layered on heavily, and all sorts of tricks are employed to present oneself to the masses, I dig her no fucks given attitude. I also dig that she looks comfortable while still quite fashionable, which seems to be a European thing. Year after year Sienna has supplied me with much fashion eye candy to gawk at. She’s consistent, and although she doesn’t get too creative anymore, she’s still got her own thing going on.

Kate Bosworth – Indie It Girl

Kate must be a great little saver because she shops at Top Shop, Target, and Zara – bless her soul. She’s probably got one of the most imitable wardrobes out there amongst the celeb crowd. She’s either super down-to-earth or another underpaid Hollywood actress. Key to her frugal look is a super stylish boyfriend and a waif like frame. Good luck achieving either of those!

The Artists

Rihanna – High Street

Rihanna can wear anything. She’s Barbados Kate Moss. I don’t know if it’s her incredible body, her ‘tude, or if she was a stylist her in past life. She just seems to wear the heck out of anything she puts on. She makes urban look way better than Beyoncé ever did. Props RiRi!

Gwen Stefani – Glamour Punk

Gwen is photographed picking up her kiddies from school constantly. She’s also on TV regularly as a judge on The Voice and promoting her new album so she’s in the public eye a lot. All good things if you want to see lots of her, which I do! Gwen’s style has grown on me a lot in the past year. I think she has become a lot more feminine in her public appearances, although her candid style still remains fairly boyish.

Lady Gaga – The Shape Shifter

You can say a lot about Gaga’s style, but at the end of the day the girl knows how to channel an era. There is no mistaking her influences or references: they are not subtle. She takes it to town and has a lot of fun. Gaga actually looked surprisingly normal this year. Her red carpet looks were mostly chesty floor length couture gowns with some serious weave action. It was a nice change of pace.

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