Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Top Style Stars of 2015: Part 2

The Models

Gigi Hadid – Guess Girl

Gigi was discovered at 2 years of age – no, I’m not kidding – and has been modeling for Guess? ever since. She’s tall, slender, has long golden hair, and a beautiful soft baby face, so naturally you want to assume she’s a terrible person, but no she’s very nice.  I bet she would even braid your hair at a sleep over party. Any who, she reminds me of the perfectly sexy and confident fashion ad models I had on my walls in high school so she’s an instant swoosh of nostalgia every time I see her. I’ve never been a jeans girl, but she makes me want to be.

Rosie Huntington - Goddess

What can I say about Rosie, other than she is a GODDESS. She’s got this sort of shy, untouchable, royal manner to her that Kate Moss has. I don’t think I’ll say anything more about her – need to maintain an air of mystery here, people.

Cara Delevingne – Sultry Rebel

Cara has gorgeous full, dark eyebrows, and thick, dark locks. Her lips are pointy and her face has more angles than a hexagon. So naturally she’s a devious motherfucker. She’s always a vampy Goth on the red carpet, and off-duty she’s your typical British brat in schoolgirl nostalgia and hoodies. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t pick out her clothing for public appearances and instead just reps the brands she has lucrative contracts with (Chanel, Burberry, etc..). I think at heart she is more of an Ellen DeGeneres than say a Portia de Rossi, and could care less about wearing a dress. I think the two main fashion take-aways you should observe from Cara are that black lace and red lips are the sexiest look you’ll ever rock, and that black lace and red lips are the sexiest look you’ll ever rock.

The Entrepreneurs  

Nicole Richie – Polished Fun

On the surface Nicole’s style appears to be quite liberal. Her hair is blue or pink or purple or some colour of the rainbow, and she’ll wear a massive gold rapper chain around her neck or sunglasses as big as her head to accessorize. Do not be fooled by these playful decoys!! Nicole is fanatical about tailoring, fit, and balance. She has a set number of silhouettes she’s determined that work well for her, and she wears them over and over again. She’s like a super fun C-list celebrity version of What Not to Wear. She respects what works for her figure and from that template she’s able to build up and have a lot of fun. This is very much the vibe I get from her personality and I find that the longer I follow her style evolution, the closer she comes to finding the most authentic and stylish expression of herself. It turns out Nicole isn’t a vapid club goer raver, she’s actually a Type A creative (and so am I y’all).

Olsen Twins – Avant-Guarde

Looking at anything the Olsen twins wear is like looking at the future. It never looks as good as it will, until the rest of the world is wearing it too. They are geniuses that cannot be understood in their time, i.e. the current fashion season. You need to skip forward a year or two. This year they were super into comfortable footwear, and once again drowning in fabric. That seems to be a look that works well in chilly New York.

Rachel Zoe – Seventies Flair

Rachel does the seventies better than Farrah did and like Nicole Richie, her former client, she's quite formulaic. She wears the same billowing sleeves, the same chunky platforms, and the same floor sweeping gowns over and over again. Mind you, they're never actually literally the same. Rachel rarely repeats any outfit and I don't think she repeats jewelry either. She's got potentially the worst shopping problem on earth, which I understand. I too lose my mind in a room full of clothing for sale. With that said, she does fully commit to her image, never faltering from it, and embodies all the stylish virtues she espouses in her books. 

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