Saturday, October 2, 2010

In Transition: Blogger Streetstyle

If you happen to live in a city where weather transitions are a smooth and enjoyable affair, you have the luxury of extending the life of summer pieces in your wardrobe. The shortest of shorts and sheerest of blouses may even be spared. It's all due to one simple styling tactic: layering.

Socks, leggings, nylons, scarves, cardigans, jackets, hats etc...simply pick a few additional items from your wardrobe and throw them over top (or underneath) your summeresque look and voilà you are saved from autumn breezes and declining temperatures! No need to mourn the loss of your favorite summer frock.

If, however, you are gungho about jumping into fall attire, but find it too warm to commit to head-to-toe coverage, pick lighter fabrics and roll away your shirt/pants when temperatures peaks. Perhaps try cuffing your sleeves in an inverted fashion the way Karla has with her yellow blouse to keep things interesting.

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Cody said...

I'm always impressed by what people are wearing when I visit Vancouver. There's just a little more confidence -- people being more at home with being fashionable -- than there is in my hometown of Seattle. I guess there's still a little bit of a hangover from the Grunge days here ;) Thanks for posting!

Cody B.