Friday, September 17, 2010

Jason Wu Spring Ready to Wear 2011

Jason Wu Spring Read to Wear 2011
I love young, asian, male designers. They take off at the speed of lighting when they finally emerge from the sea of aspiring fashion designers. They're also pretty damn adorable in the fact that they get inspired by pasta like Jason Wu was for this collection. Lucky for me Jason wasn't a flop for spring like Alex below (it still hurts to say things like that). Jason and Alex are perfect character foils on the runway and in person. Jason is shy, romantic, whimsical, and obsessed with things like bows and flowers. Alex is charismatic, edgy, avante-guade, and obsessed with breaking the rules.  Between the two of them they fill my needs quite perfectly.

Jason Wu Spring Ready to Wear 2011
 Jason actually warned everyone before showing his collection that it was going to be "more dangerous". I'm sure Alex would giggle at such a proclamation for as you can see it is nothing short of being incandescently charming. Perhaps he was referring to the turbans? I really want to get my hands on a turban. I've been craving one since Prada did them in Spring 2007. It's also interesting how Jason Wu and other designers are really focusing on revolutionizing women's work wardrobes. Fashion is always influenced by the world and in return influencing it back. People claim that fashion has no depth, but there is no denying its societal impact. Fashion is and can be very political.

Jason Wu Spring Ready to Wear 2011
My favorite look from this collection is the tuxedo coat-dress above. I hope to see more designers trying this look out. I would love for it to become a trend. I'll cross my fingers about the turbans too. 

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Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

These all are just gorgeous! I love Jason Wu and how he combines sexy, feminine and elegant!

Erin (penny. LA) said...

Ohhh, all the ruffled details... *swoon* I'm in love with all of it. I love a designer that knows FEMININE. <3

The Backseat Stylers said...

Soooo in love with this collection!!!