Monday, September 6, 2010

Vogue Nippon October 2010

No Crime to be Rich
Photography: Sølve Sundsbø
Models: Alessandra Ambrosio & Ana Beatriz Barros
Styling: Katie Grand

This editorial is what the men at my work call "a slam dunk" or "hitting it out of the park", which means it's done exactly how it should be done. The retro furniture, the gaudy wall paper and clashing carpet,  the pin curls and fussed over nails, the lackadaisical figures thrown over luggage and suitcases looking unaccomplished and idle. Were the clothes even necessary? Probably not, but I have never been more fond of crinoline in my life.

The one thing I've noticed about Vogue Nippon is they usually have an editorial every month with the most diabolical accessorizes. This is one of the more low key instances of it, but they definitely go all sorts of mad with pastels, neons, quirky hand bags, and alarming amounts of precious gems. Not the sort of styling you see in US Vogue. 

And not that I have a hate-on for US Vogue (I don't), but I just know if this were printed here instead there would be all kinds of fury for featuring 12 pages of women doing nothing but laying on their backs all perky and sexified. In all fairness, when channeling the 1950s this editorial pretty much hits the mark for what women were doing back then: answering phones or looking foxy at home.

(Credit to TFS)


Emilie said...

This editorial is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin (penny. LA) said...

For some reason I think Vogue US could get away with this spread... it's quite lovely... not TOO sexified... and look at the volume! Volume, volume, volume! Lovely dresses of all sorts... yes, I think it could work.

Thanks so much for posting. <3

The Backseat Stylers said...

Such a fun editorial. Love all the non-VS work Alessandra is getting these days!

Tracey said...

You know you just may be right Erin. Legs and cleavage are a common feature for US Vogue and Mad Men appears to be embraced at the moment so it's not so radical when I think about it. And you're very welcome for the posting! :)

monica said...

i love this editorial

it's fun ad sexy! the models look gorgeous, the hair and makeup flawless and the styling is flirty

thanks for sharing :)