Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trend Spotting: Maxi Skirts

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt
  • Because your lower body is swamped in free loose fabric you want to give yourself some form on the upper half. Wear a fitted top/jacket, tuck your top in, pull a waist belt over your skirt, or even show some belly in a cropped top like the girl on top above.
  • Unless you are wearing a floor sweeping maxi length skirt you want the bottom of the skirt to hit below the half way point of your calves (where your legs are at their narrowest).
  • If you are shorter you will want to skip on any heels with ankle straps as they will abrupt the eye line and therefore shorten the appearance of your legs. 
  • For those that are under 5'5" you may want to wear platform heels or wedges of some sort to counteract any swamping effect a long skirt will have on your frame (this will in fact create the illusion that you are taller). A drooping V-neck will also help lengthen out your body. 
  • Lastly, have fun! Maxi length skirts are dramatic and command attention so go for it. Fur vests, motorcycle jackets, gladiator heels etc...unless you are wearing a skirt with an interesting print you will be a blank slate unless you add some flair.


Erin (penny. LA) said...

Awesome post! I am SUCH a fan of maxi skirts. However, I can never seem to find the right ones...

Photo #3 is precisely the look I love. Saving it to my computer...

Thanks for the inspiration. <3

Unknown said...

Maxi dresses are so much fun. They can be really casual or even really dressy depending on how you choose to spin in. Wearing a fitted jacket like this one by Jovani is the best idea to make sure the skirt isn't overbearing of your body.