Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fashion Fun in my Backyard


Because I have received the best response so far from my previous streetstyle post, and I really want this blog to be successful, I am going to continue posting streetstyle pictures as regularly as possible.

Like a good West Coast girl I am wearing Wilfred pants and a bustier inspired Wilfred top. The majority of my clothing is black and from Aritzia if you hadn't guessed already. Throughout high school the dominant color in my wardrobe was pink. My how times have changed. It's simply more practical for me to buy neutral colors for versatility and work. As a result, I let my accessories have all the fun.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what sort of niche I want for this blog, which is difficult after only posting for a week or so. From my site statistics I've noticed Canadians aren't nearly as interested in fashion as Americans or Europeans. Perhaps I should make my blog more decidedly Canadian and recruit more interest in what we have to offer? Any feedback and what you would like to see/read more of would be very appreciated.

Top & High Waist Pants: Wilfred
Shoes: Aldo
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Sun Glasses: Adopted from a friend.


Style Souk said...

Being as pale as an email, I seldom wear black on black as it makes me look like Morticia Adam's sister...

I find these pictures really inspiring - simple black pieces provide a perfect background for sunshine yellow shoes and your riotously colourful scarf. I love.

With regards to your blog, it's difficult to give advice as I am still fumbling around trying to find my own way! ;0)

I think the best thing is to write - and picture - the things that you love and feel passion for. In turn, others will 'sense' this enthusiasm and return again and again to be informed and inspired.

You are obviously very talented and so I feel certain that, with time and experimentation, will find a niche.

Sarah x

P.S: Curiously, my hair is now EXACTLY the same length as yours! :0)

STYLE SOUK - Fashion Blog

Tracey said...

Thank-you very much for the feedback Sarah! I think you have an excellent point about doing what I feel the most passionate about. That is what motivated the blog in the first place after all.

I hope you enjoy the short hair as much as I do. The only downside is seeing all the fashion bloggers that still have long gorgeous locks :S

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeeahhh! Totally lovin' the scarf!