Saturday, August 7, 2010

Awesome Things I Can't Afford Saturdays

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Last week I couldn't afford golden finger tips. This week I can't afford to be gripped by death. I could probably have scrimped and saved last week for my coveted item, but this week I really can't afford it. Not now. Not ever. It's $3,684 approximately. You don't even get to know what it will cost you exactly. Pricey shit is elusive like that. When you see it in magazines they don't even bother giving you the estimate, they just say "Dial blah blah blah to inquire". So what's the best thing about this magnificently creepy belt by jewels and accessory designer Delfina Delettrez? It's named after this guy. Yes, that's right. Skeletor.

Not The Grim Reaper, not even the long and slender Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but yellow skulled, muscular, and bright blue Skeletor. How in the hell does a couture piece get called Skeletor Belt? Would CoutureLab, the online luxury and lifestyle company who contracted Delettrez, accept a Eric Cartmen inspired tuque or Cobra Commander gloves? I thought the fashion community didn't have a sense of humor and that's why we praise Lady Gaga in best dressed lists instead of laughing at her really, really hard. Regardless of my confusion this belt is sexy and glamorous and I want to wear it on a date with He-Man to Castle Grayskull (just to make Skeletor jealous of course).

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Oh, how I would love to have sterling silver fingers interlocking around my waist for once, instead of one of those pesky homo sapiens' flesh n' bones fingers. Sadly, I am just a new been-a-broke-student-all-my-life graduate and precious stones on my hips are just not what the future holds for me. If you can afford this belt you can find it at CoutureLab, oh and...I hate you.

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