Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We at the Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Shoes: Aldo
Skirt: Wilfred
Top: Talulah Babator
Blouse (tied behind back): Forever 21
Top & Belt: Wilfred
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Sun Glasses: Aldo
Shoes & Sunglases: Aldo
Leggings & Top: Urban Outfitters
Belt: BCBG Maz Arizia

I have just returned from a week long vacation in Washington with my good friend/model Rayna McKay (pictured above in The Baroness Hotel). We spent most of our time in Seattle, although we did venture into Auburn for my mother's dog show and Marysville for some hardcore outlet shopping. As you can see my hair has magically grown 10 inches and blackened. I am actually wearing a hairband wig from Paris Hilton's line of hair extensions. I bought 9" and 22" wigs for only $20 each when wandering bored in Auburn. I dyed my hair a day earlier so the coloring match was quite perfect. I used to have hair longer than this so I was pretty psyched to fake it for the day (and till whenever I dye my hair next woo!).

I am a big fan of Rayna's last outfit posted here because not only does she remind me of a gondola tour guide in Venice, but she is dressed very chic for incredibly cheap. Both her top and pants were on sale for $10 each and her belt was $20. With her shoes borrowed from me her full look is only $40. Yay end of the season sales! I don't know what I would do if it weren't for stores needing to make room for new inventory...okay, that's a lie. I would just get another credit card ha!


Erin (penny. LA) said...

I am completely loving the yellow heels!

Sounds like your trip to Seattle/Washington was lovely. <3

Style Souk said...

Oh my...

How I wish for the confidence to wear a bandage skirt as beautiful as this.

I always worry that my curves are... well, too curvy! :0)

Sarah x

P.S: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hair. It almost makes me wish that I had kept mine long!

Tracey said...

Thanks Sarah :) I love it too!

Shivani said...

Hey Tracey...this is such pleasant surprise. Glad to know you have a blog too - and an awesome one at that.
I'll follow you as well! Are you on networked blogs? I can't follow you through friend link.

Love your new hair, btw :)

Tracey said...

Hey Shivani:) I am on a few blog networks. The one I use mainly is bloglovin...which I see you don't have. What is this friend link you speak of??

Shivani said...

Its the "follower" thing. Don't worry, I'll favorite your link.

Tracey said...

Okay, I just looked into it and I think I'm signed up for it now and following your blog! See if you can find me now :)