Saturday, August 28, 2010

In the Navy

Okay, so The Satorialist has been killing me lately with all the Italian men in navy garments. I just had to share because Italian men are so friggen impeccable. They make me want to do things....unspeakable things...unmentionable things...terrible, terrible things that can't be forgiven....I'll just leave it at that....

Do me a favor and listen to In The Navy whilst perusing this post.

And now I share with you an excerpt from my travel journal while in Rome:

August 6th, 2008 6:30 PM

"There is one thing I should specifically address about night clubbing in Italy: Italian men. During the day Italian men are a wondrous sight. They are beautiful, stylish, sexy etc… everything you could ask for in a piece of ass. They walk around in 34 degree heat in suits looking about 10 degrees cooler than everyone else. If you’re lucky enough one may say Ciao Bella to you as you proceed to watch your ego grow 2 times bigger. Italian men in night clubs, however, are another story. Creepy, hyper-aggressive, stalker-like, crazy etc… are a few words that come to mind. As the night goes on they become even bigger creepers."


Erin (penny. LA) said...

Oh, goodness, why am I not attracted to Italian men? Maybe I need to be from Europe to genuinely appreciate them.

Do love navy, though. I suppose in general I like a man in a suit - perhaps I just want a younger man?

Anyway - NAVY - why don't more things come in navy? I love this color.

Tracey said...

We do need more navy! Perhaps the prevalence of dark wash jeans turns retailers off from producing more navy garments?

Also, I will need to find some younger Italians to post for you to test your theory :)